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Briefly... 2019
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Reviving the Site...
Thursday, April 25, 2019

So... after WAY too long, and several attempts to use a wordpress site, I have decided to return to using this site. I have dusted off my utility that makes things easier to post, and I have started the work needed to catch things up. Between Facebook and the failed attempts to use Wordpress, I am WAY behind, but I really do think I can catch up.

So... Like a pheonix rising from the ashes, I'm shaking off the dust, and getting things rolling on my site again. I'm hoping to have things up and running in a couple of jiffys. Knowing the difficulty I've been having with moving to Wordpress (the problem isn't that Wordpress wasn't up to the task, it was because I stopped catching, and keeping, it up), it might be longer than that, but I'm sure that I don't WANT to quit, so keep checking back from time to time... before too long, I hope to have this thing back on track.

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