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Welcome to My Digital Photo Album!
A hobby gone wild... :-)

I have liked taking pictures ever since I was a kid.  My uncle had a studio, and I would bug him endlessly asking questions, fascinated by the cameras he had.  As an Easter gift in 1972, my mom somehow got me a camera, a 110 instamatic that was molded to look like a 'real' camera.  I was THRILLED!  I mowed lawns and cleaned yards, and did whatever I could to raise money to buy film and to pay for processing.  For starters, I took pictures of the street getting repaired, and once they came back... I was HOOKED for good. 

Later that same year, my mom, my sister, and I went on a trip to the New Brunswick Bible Institute, in New Brunswick, Canada... I took my camera, and experienced the thrill of taking pictures of a place I hadn't been to before, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, I'm RARELY without a camera.  In the Army, I usually had a camera of some sort with me, and would go through more rolls of film than I brought with me.  Shortly after I got out, I picked up my first digital camera, and changed everything.  My picture count went way up, and today I average more than 10,000 pictures a year (nope, not kidding), which is staggering! I enjoy going back, and reviewing them from time to time... it brings back memories, and it really shows the changes over the years, when I look back at the pictures of places I've been too more often than others.

This is the oldest section of my website, but it hasn't been updated as much as I thought it would, because the "currently" section morphed into my "picture album".  My goal is to make this area hold pictures of "places", while the "currently" section holds the pictures of "events".

        Added in 1997
Restructured in 2007, 2014
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