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Funny Stuff
Funny pics (funny stuff)
Here are a few funny pictures that's been sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to start posting funny stuff on my website again...

Sometimes, its good to laugh!


I like to laugh... or at least smile.  Here's some STUFF I've come across that was funny...  I don't know where all of it came from, but it came to me in an email, or I found someplace on the web, or I heard it on TV or took a picture of something... something made it funny, and I'm putting it here... 

Oh... newer stuff is on the top


A bit of Christmas Humor
Ran across this in an email, and figured I'd share...


These items were added prior to the revamp in 2014

Funny Signs 1 Funny Signs 2 Funny Signs 3
Funny Signs 4 Funny Signs 5 Funny Signs 6
  Funny Signs 7  
97% Fart Free A Cheater takes advantage Optical Trick Shadow
Uber Oreo Stack What Is It? Even more Randomness
Even MORE fun stuff! More Rednecks Do it Yerself
Lazy People Funny Billboards More Randomness
Random Fun Not the brightest bulb... Funny responses to exam questions
Busted! You can write volumes about a picture Modified Traffic Signs
Weird Food A new way to get the axe! Evidence of smelly feet
Funny Headlines Ever wonder why? Chili Judge
Art from Food Funny Pictures Times when it might be OK to cuss
Oh, say can you see... Game Over! The answer to the "Scary looking guns" ban
Pictures to Smile by A whole new meaning to "French Horn" A Few Ouch Pics
Odd Pictures Real Close to a Moose Cut the Cheese!
Funny Video - Try not to laugh too hard! From the mouth of Children... Why God Made Moms
Some fun with words Is Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder in our future? Burnout International
The case of the dumb criminal The difference between Republicans and Democrats... A bad trip to the dentist
Funny Resume Bullets Flat Tyres Hands Off!
This isn't something you sue over, is it? Poking fun at the US Education System Funny Newspaper Ads
Funny Random Pictures The best DUI ever Funny Translations
A new trend in dieting A Suit against Vick A slam on liberals
Best of... 7 Reasons NOT to mess with children If my body were a car...
A picture is worth a thousand smiles  A Geeky Couple's Moment of  Commitment Get a haircut and get a real job
Don't feed THESE pigeons Male or Female? Fence Jumping by (not my) Governor Gregoire
Who Brought the Cat? High School Metaphors Not The King of Pranks
Let's Pick on Some Rednecks A "Bad Crane Day" Letters to God
A dig on Office Assistant  Red Sox Fan Funny Comics
SERIOUSLY Redneck If NASA ever needed money One Smart Deer!
No water in the water dish Inflation??? Don't park next to a hydrant
Budget Cuts Water Skiing - Navy Style The Ultimate Stealth Aircraft
A Stern Warning Saving gas Traveling light
PROOF they like donuts! Cloning a reality? Mind Reading
Problem Flowchart Interesting Advertisement Starting early
Cry for Help Computer Technology VERY easy Commute!
Coordination Test A quick Smile Launching a water craft
The Dead Duck Who's Working? Tater People
A Spell Checker Poem Animal Comix The Van Gogh Family
Writing Tips Smile! A Morning Prayer
Nature's Sense of Humor Not that kind of Mouse A not so simple test
Symptoms of a Small Ass Geek Comix More Geeky Comix
Microsoft Founders Word Play OHSA Nightmares
Raising Revenue 14 Truths A Funny Picture
Stupid People Odd Error Messages Ever want to get away?
Engineer Jokes Cutting Military Spending Employee Handbook
Hillbilly Medical Terms Fun Jobs Funny Labels
Lucky Millionaire Jokes about Seattle's Weather Stories of the NON-Technical
A Jab at Wall-Mart whine Fighting Whities The epitome of intimidation
Cola Bears Men Working Lost in the Translation
  Translation Difficulty  
        Added in 2001
Restructured in 2014
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