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Take a Look Back...
  Who knew history could be so FUN?!?
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History is VERY interesting!  Most folks glass over when you start talking about history, but when you get over the word "History", its actually quite interesting!

I didn't even realize I LIKED history until I got out here, and learned about the Denny Party landing on Alki Point, which is how Seattle started to be.  I realized I didn't even KNOW how Biddeford started, or who founded the little city I grew up in... so I searched and found out.

I learned, it was fun, and I was HOOKED!


The History of where I call home...

The story of where I've lived (Biddeford, Maine, and eventually, Pacific Northwest, in Washington) goes more than 400 years... The two areas have very distinct, and totally different pasts... one was an early colonial settlement, and the other was an outpost of civilization in the Wild West.  You'd be surprised by how SIMILAR, and how Intertwined their histories are!

 I don't know it all, of course, but as I learn stuff, I'll put it here.

Side-by-Side Timeline for the places I call home


Biddeford Snapshots

As I find interesting tidbits of information that have something to do with Biddeford/Saco, I'll post them here.

Views of Saco, Montana
OK, so it doesn't have anything to do with Saco, Maine... but the name is sure interesting!  So is the town, actually...



My old hometown




PNW Snapshots

Since I live here now, its easier for me to find out information about this area, so it'll probably be more filled in...

Early Olympia 
Here's a few pictures from Olympia's past. 

Logging has played a major role in the development of the North West. 

The Belltown District of Seattle
An eclectic community in downtown Seattle has as interesting a history as its colorful present has now.

A few memories of Doc Maynard
A few words about Doc Maynard
One of the memorable characters in the development of the Puget Sound... he gets two pages devoted to him...

Then and now: Lechi Park
What'd it look like then?  What's it look like now?  This will eventually be a section to its own...

Lewis and Clark in Washington
They discovered the way here, and how incredibly lush this place was...

How fast has Seattle Grown up?
Its not as big as it sued to be...

Truth in Advertising
This dentist had it right on the money.

Mount St Helens
The youngest, and most active volcano on the Cascades...

Snow in Seattle?
Who says it doesn't snow??

President Harrison Visits Seattle
Harrison was the first President to travel west of the Rockies... he ran into the rustic west, which was something he was totally unprepared for.

Seattle's top 10 weather events
Its surprising when you look at the extremes...

Seattle's First 3 Ordinances
Another Seattle Ordinance: No "Permanent" tents
Seattle's Government, hard at work

Seattle's City Halls
In 150 or so years, Seattle has gone through several City Halls... here's a summary of them

Old Picture of Seattle
This really sends home how rustic Seattle once was...

The Founding of Port Townsend
Now a small town on the Puget Sound, Port Townsend was once an important part of the trade in the region

Seattle's 1934 Strike
A group of disgruntled workers bring the city to a halt.

Tragedy fails to dampen spirits
The 1962 World's Fair was too big for a tragedy to get in the way...

The great windshield pitting mystery
OK, so people aren't very smart sometimes.

A day on the Vanover Farm
Now, this was dumb!

Mecury in the Lakes of Washington
A Warning about WA lakes...

How do Washington's roads stack up?
OK, so our roads aren't the greatest... what else is new?



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