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Interesting Stuff
Some things are simply more interesting than others.


For fun as much as for information, I peruse several internet news sites, science sites, library sites, and the like.

More times than you'd think, I come across something that's interesting, or amazing... sometimes its stuff that you wouldn't think was news, or even true... but amazingly enough, it is.  I'll put stuff like that here.

I stopped updating this page for quite some time... but I'm back on track, if you will, so if you return, you'll likely see something new.  If you don't, tell me! :-)   Oh... newer stuff is on the top... the really old stuff is towards the bottom.



Diving on a WW2 Aircraft Carrier
The USS Independence was intentionally sunk in 1951 as part of a project to help bolster the reef structures int he Greater Farallones National Maritime Sanctuary. A remotely operated vehicle went dow there, and returned some incredible pictures.

(Mostly) Interesting Seattle Facts
here are some interesting facts about Seattle that I ran across...
I love these things!

so, our local newspaper still puts the "blotter" on its website. I heard that they tried to get rid of it once, and people were in an uproar. =]

Real-Life 'Unicorn' (interesting stuff)
It seems a hunter in Slovenia shot a deer with an interesting deformity that makes it look like a unicorn. The story makes it sound as if there may be other deer in the region with the same interest...

Study finds evidence of Life After Death (interesting stuff)
It seems that science was able to confirm some level of life after death by means of an objective medical study.

Sink Holes(interesting)
Here are some interesting pictures of sink holes that I thought was appropriate for the day I posted it (Oct 31). Could you imagine sleeping in your bedroom, and then suddenly the ground beneath you...

OLDER Interesting STUFF... 

These items were added prior to the revamp

Singapore Skypark Illusions in the real world Archaeologists find oldest known paintings of Apostles
A very dangerous bridge! The metric system adoption map A VERY close call!
Sandwich Art Staples As Art This 118 year old church is closer to being done than ever
Smoking by the Numbers Swimming with Whales Computer Engineer Barbie
Another Tough Job! Flying 101 Tough Job!
Now THAT is some snow! A Chart for your Time Machine Weird Rocks
A bit of Ancient Nazareth comes to surface Polar Bear - I come in Peace The Calk Guy is back!
Pencil Art Nurse Tree It seems that bling isn't a new thing
What does one TRILLION dollars look like, anyway? The Two Wolves A very interesting Color Illusion
Christmas Cakes... Christmas Candies Stethoscope
Oldest Spider Web found Golden Earrings date to time of Christ Codex Sanaiticus is once again all in one piece - Virtually
Oldest Church may sit over the top of the oldest place of worship Germans are on the Trail for the Ark Quarry used for Second Temple found
Royal Seal of Queen Jezebel Biblical Wall Discovered Mansion found in the City of David may be home of exiled queen
Wise words from a great man There's no escaping this patrol car! A Throwback to the Old West
Earliest Known Hebrew Writing Discovered Its true: A Spider CAN eat a bird! King Solomon's mines have been located
Some odd Cave Paintings discovered in Australia Good news... a big breakfast leads to weight loss Help for a little moose
Americans aren't really into "Dogma", it seems "The Odyssey" now has a date for the events... The X-Men's Wolverine isn't alone
The oldest-known recorded human voice A sad Momma Tiger Zoo Babies
These Loggers didn't let a little wind damage stop them We can all make a difference Some folks have WAY too much time on their hands!
Snow Doughnuts, anyone? Cool Cars Missing a Glove? Find a Glove? Check here!
World's Longest Nails Are Square Watermelons in our future? When it came to Immigration, Teddy had it right.
Protect yourself against Phishing Noxious Weed Control Remember S T R for Stroke Identification
Pirating Station An Amazing Mom Why you shouldn't run with a fork
Technology at work: SawStop Sand Castles Is Popcorn Dangerous?
High Power Worker Rabbit vs Snake Moose Story
Extreme Home Makeover: Lapwai Edition Hand of Hope A big fish in a small lake
There She Stands FOOD CHART Team Hoyt
Dog Mummies "Unpublished" WTC Photos Humming Bird Cam
The Complicated Fly Wintergreen Sparks Plastic Pop Bottles
Allergies and the seasons Tale of two snakes Old man of the Mountain is gone
History of flight quiz A thong in San Antonio Destroyed Tank
Bill Gates memo Amazing house for sale Testing the Post Office
California Town Fails to Sell in Auction Headless cockroaches Odd Place for a Wedding
Puppy eats a knife SERIOUS Refund Owner Bulldozes his own pub
Funeral for her son, the Monitor Lizard Creative drug Smuggling A True Patriot
There's a Mountain Called Besso Capitalism at its best Trying to rip off the IRS
Adultery made legal Turtle Dupes the Coast Guard Supreme Bat
A DOG with nine lives??? Interesting Police Tactic Definition of a moron
Discrimination by smell is next Now THIS cat has balance! Nailed to the Cross
Looking for something to do? A REALLY weird Holiday "Tremors" In the Real World
Wintergreen Sparks Ever wonder what A&W stood for? Why we have Earth Day
        Added in 1999 - Restructured in 2014
Originally called the 'Did You Know' Section.
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