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SciTech Stuff
STUFF about Science is fun!



Here's some interesting articles I found on Science, Technology, and other related topics... I guess you can call this my "Geek" page.  I added this page in 2002, but until recently, I've largely ignored it over the years...  I guess I'm not as geeky as I'd like to let on.

The "stuff pages" portion of the SciTech Suff is at the bottom...

General Space STUFF
Stuff I find that's space related.

  The View from Orbit
They've opened up an Internet Connection to the Space Station, and an astronaut has been Tweeting!
Spinning 2011
President Obama puts the return to the moon on hold so NASA can study Climate change...
Launch of STS - 126
I don't think I'll EVER get tired of these!
The Sun is showing signs of life
Cycle 24 starts to make itself known
Debris from Space Station breaks up over Tasman Sea - more than a year after it was pushed away from the Space Station by an astronaut A very quiet Sun
One of the quietest years in the last 50 years...
NASA secures permission to acquire 3-man Soyuz spacecraft
Not just for science fiction anymore:
An update on the Space Elevator
Phoenix hits jackpot, it seems:
Its melting, so its Ice
In Peru, a meteorite is making people sick
Mars experiencing Global Warming On its way to Pluto, New Horizons does a fly-by ST-118 - Endeavour's Mission to the Space Station
Cassini is making a history for itself NASA does a
Mars Face Makeover
Crab Nebula's Pulsar may have 4 poles
The new Solar Sentinels Report is out! SOHO Records a large
Solar Burst
Tracking Space Junk left by Apollo
Earthshine Pegasus Rocket System Update Pegasus Tested Successfully
Pyramids on Mars? X43 - 20 years from now? Update on the Mars Express

Columbia Accident Stuff

The Columbia was
Doomed from the get-go
Here's the executive summary of the Accident Investigation Board Here's the whole report
(PDF - 10MB)

Other Sci-Tech Links

  The CD was invented in the PNW Coming Soon: The Flexible Screen
Are we returning to the Cold War? Flying on a beam of light Ocean Gliders
Civil War insights The Oldest Living thing on Earth Accurate Clocks
Christian Dead and East & West Fun with Leonardo Da Vinci More about Accurate Clocks
How much rain IS an "Inch", anyway? "Besso" is associated with Einstein!!! (pdf) The North Pole is moving! 

Links to the Final Frontier

Wondering about "Near Earth Objects?"  so is NASA! Check out the latest information about the Space Station or the Space Shuttle at NASA's website! Don't like "the government version"?  Try Space.com or Spaceflight.com... lots of good stuff!
How about Apollo, Gemini, Mercury, or even Sky Lab mission information?

Garnished from the NASA Website, and placed here for easy review
Newest articles are on the top of the list.
Unfortunately, President Obama cancelled the Moon
Program in the 2011 budget

  Forward Skirt Separation Test  
Ares 1-X Assembly Orion Capsule parachute test failure NASA Denies Ares 1 in trouble
Ares 5 Model Testing  Lunar Rover Testing in Arizona A3 Test Stand Steel Work begins
Ares 1x segments begin arriving  Modifications to Existing Shuttle Infrastructure The LRO begins Vacuum testing
 Transitioning from Space Shuttle to Constellation Apollo helps out An old engine relights
 Ares 1 Rocket Passes Review to reach critical milestone  Scale Model tested in the Water  NASA Conducts first test on new motor for Ares 1 Rocket
 Fact Sheets  NASA Conducts test of Jettison Motor  Successful test of Parachute for Ares Rocket
 Boeing placing finishing touches on Orion's heat shield  Swinging into the airbag tests  NASA releases Suit Designs
 Swinging into the airbag tests  Testing Propellant Tanks  Project will save NASA jobs.
 Astronaut Escape System Simulator Hardware Delivered for test.  Astronaut Escape System Simulator Hardware Construction Movie  "ALTAIR" is the name of the Lunar Lander
 Parachute Test Vehicle J-2X Powerpack mounted on Test Stand Ares-1 Wind Tunnel Testing
 Dealing with Lunar Night.  Heat Shield ready for testing  NASA Releases work assignments
Check out my "Apollo Moon Hoax" page...
MORE Sci-Tech Stuff...

These guys DID watch Terminator, right?
It seems an artificial intelligence system "AlphaZero" tought itself how to play chess, taking only 4 hours of practice before it could beat the reigning chess program in the world, winning 28 out of 100 games, and drawing the rest. All that, after being told only the basic move rules to the game, and learning the rest - strategies, plans, traps, and the rest - by playing itself, learning by trying things out.

25 Years of Texting
Its been 25 years since the first text message was sent. Neil Papeworth sent "Merry Christmas" to cVodafone director Richard Jarvis. That kicked off a technology that has literally changed how humanity talks to one another. In 2017, 781 BILLION texts a year are sent in the US alone.

A very BIG Battery!
So, Elon Musk (the "Tesla" guy) promised to build the world's largest lithium-ion battery in 100 days, or he'd deliver it for free. An Australian state took him up on it, and he produced it in only 60 days or so. One day, this thing might seem small and crude, but right now, its pretty impressive!

Farewell, Cassini
So as of Oct 14th, 2017, the Cassini mission to Saturn is done and gone. Bummer. I have enjoyed viewing the images over the years, and sharing the latest news with the little guys. Its last picture was a grainy rendering of its shadowy grave.

Pluto was COOL (scitech stuff)
The little guys and I have REALLY been enjoying the New Horizon's Pluto Encounter, courtesy of NASA. A decade of travelling a couple billion miles has really paid off with some incredible pictures o...

10 Things people don't realize about Apollo 11 (scitech stuff)
45 years ago, man walked on the Moon for the first time. People nowadays take it for granted that people landed on the Moon, but in reality it was the greatest scientific achievement of all time, and...

ORION is making progress (scitech stuff)
A new chapter in American space exploration is about to be written... ORION is the continuation of the Ares project, which was a return-to-the-moon project that utilized Orion, the name for the caps...

The future is now (scitech stuff)
Current medical technology is pretty amazing. Using a tablet, doctors can get instant access to a patient's entire medical record. Basic health metrics, such as pulse readings, can be detected using...

So... what IS The Great Spot, then? (scitech stuff)
According to a paper that came about from studying data from NASA's Cassini Mission, it seems that we were wrong about the famous "Great Red Spot" which is a distinct characteristic of the largest pl...

Touchdown successful on a comet (scitech stuff)
The European Space Agency apparently successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet. There seems to be an issue with the anchors firing, and there's concern that the lander is not able to stay on the s...

Failed Spaceflight
This is pretty sad. One of the pilots of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two craft died, and the other one was seriously wounded...

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