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Trek 1 - Rattlenake Lake
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Trek 1 - Rattlenake Lake
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The first of the "treks"... For our "Year of Christmas" this year, we decided to take 26 treks in 2019.  We decided to take advantage of a gap between the Rose Bowl Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, which had the Washington Huskies playing Ohio State.We figured we'd start light, and ease into things... We picked Rattlesnake Lake because it is Picturesque, right down the road from us, and the bright sunny day would add to the picture opportunities.

Heading out

Low Lake
The lake is pretty low. They keep it that way on purpose, to make room for the water that will collect during the rains

A better vantage point

Most of the stumps have been uprooted, and they tend to blow around in storms, changing the scnery seemingly every time we go there.

What a view!

The still morning air made for some very interesting reflections!

No matter how many times we go... the waterfall always is a favorite stop.

It was a pleasant walk up to the watershed information center, and we had the opportunity to check out a bunch of birds that winter in the area.

Checking out the big tree
In the 70's, a large, old growth tree in town was hit by lightening. They sliced off a round, and put it on display. It started growing right around the time of the Great Schism, about 1150 or so.

On the way back to where we parked, we noticed a balk eagle resting on a branch over the trail.

It was a great way to end the walk!

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