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Snow Watch 2017-2018: 1 Inch
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Only 301 Days until Christmas!
Welcome to my little corner of the Pacific Northwest!
Spring is in full swing! The season certainly has changed! The morning birds are singing, the flowers are coming up, and even our azalea bush is flowering this year - the first year in the 10 or so years we've had it. The only thing left to fully hail in the Spring season is the cherry and apple trees, and they seem ready to pop any time now

I'm still making slow progress on the 'Great Migration' back from Wordpress ... its slowed by lack of time, but it is getting closer almost every day Pardon the dust... a lot of bits are flying around!
Here's the latest at MyPacificNorthwest
Remember that I had difficulty with my website that I let sit far too long, and I'm catching up on some things.  Some posts will be listed here that actually are a couple years old... eventually, though, the plan is to ensure that these are where you'd find the 'new' stuff.  For now, consider them 'New to the site.'

So... after WAY too long, and several attempts to use a wordpress site, I have decided to return to using this site. I have dusted off my utility that makes things easier to post, and I have started the work needed to catch things up. Between F...
Two Treks in one week! At this rate, we will EASILY make our goal of 26! For this one, we went down to a bird sanctuary near Olympia… The Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge. We had a goal of seeing at least 5 different birds,...
The first of the "treks"... For our "Year of Christmas" this year, we decided to take 26 treks in 2019.  We decided to take advantage of a gap between the Rose Bowl Parade and the Rose Bowl Game, which had the Washington Huskies playing Ohio St...
Ran across this in an email, and figured I'd share...
We started setting up a warming station for Halloween, and it has become something we look forward to!
We had a Neighborhood Halloween Party at our community's chalet. It featured a costume parade, fun and games, and a chilli cook-off. I didn't win, but a fun time was had by everyone!
Even though I can't really see yellow, I've figured out what yellow looks like to me now (a sandy brown color), and I'm starting to appreciate the leaves again. Its nothing like it used to be, but at least I can see SOMETHING!
Our Mariner was wearing out, and we wanted a third row so we could haul more friends, so we went on a hunt for a new ride. We settled on a new (to us) Dodge Journey.
the little guy and I had fun with the camera on my phone. We discovered a new way to take selfies, so we tried it out.
It seems an artificial intelligence system "AlphaZero" tought itself how to play chess, taking only 4 hours of practice before it could beat the reigning chess program in the world, winning 28 out of 100 games, and drawing the rest. All that, af...

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