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Welcome to the "Stuff Zone"
When I find something interesting, funny, historical, or "Edutainment-worthy"... it likely end up here

I'm interested in a lot of things... and I probably spend too much time cruising the web.  When something piques my curiosity, or I just plain think its funny, interesting, or worth looking at again - Things that make you go "hmmm." - I'll try and put them here... my "Stuff Archive".

Be sure to check back here from time to time... the plan is to add more as time goes on...

Stuff about my Website Just what it says, info about My Website, including the changes its gone through.  I started my site in 1995, so as I'm sure you can imagine, there's been quite a bit of change over the years!
Interesting Stuff When I come across something that's, well, interesting, I'll put it here.  It might not actually BE interesting, but something about it caught my attention, so I put it on my site to point it out.  Some of the links might not work after a bit (the web is fairly dynamic), but my goal is that I will put enough up there that even if its deleted from the source, you'll still get the gist of it.
Funny STUFF Everyone likes to laugh
SciTech STUFF Space, Science, and Technology are always very cool topics!  Maybe its just the geek in me, but I'm fascinated by them.
The Snow Zone My "Unofficial" snow watch page.  This one will grow as times goes on... I'm hoping it does, anyway.
History STUFF There should always be time to look back... and I found out something not too long ago... its INTERESTING!
Geophysical STUFF The Pacific Northwest has some of the most interesting geology in the USA... its AWESOME!
Weather STUFF Here's a section devoted to the current weather conditions and other assorted information concerning the Weather.


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Restructured in 2014
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