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Weather Stuff
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One of my hobbies is the weather.  My motto on the weather is: The more information, the better.

Cumulative Storm Tracks from 1985 to 2005

Weather Tidbits Links
The Snow Zone
Here's a page I started to list out Snow Totals year over year, so that I could compare them.

Will it be FIRE or ICE???
Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but can’t decide weather we face an ice age or warming

The difference between Extratropical and Tropical
NO tropical storm has hit Washington, and only one has hit any portion of the West Coast... Storm have hit that have winds higher than 39mph, but they were "Extratropical"... So what IS the difference?The Enhanced Fujita Scale
The scale that is used to rank tornadoes has been updated a few times over the years.

Are Tornadoes on the rise?
Take a quick look at the chart, and you might end up thinking that there's more tornadoes... but are there?

Named Storms since 1886
September sure has been busy over the years!

Tropical Weather: Named Storm Summary for 2008
I know.  I live in the Pacific Northwest... A LONG ways from the Atlantic Tropics, and not at risk from any sort of tropical activity.  But, I have family who live in Florida, and I've been fascinated by the annual round of storms since I was a kid. 
I played around with keeping track of various weather storms throughout the year.  I stopped in 2009, and it almost seemed as if the storms stopped with me.  Also - 2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004

Hurricane Strike Frequency
Where DO hurricanes strike the most?  They sure do seem to have their favorite destinations!



Home Emergency and Disaster Safety
A resource for preparedness, with tips on how to ensure you are prepared in the event of an incident that would inturrupt normal services.   (Thanks go to Ms Kelly's Class for this one.)

Stay Safe Outdoors!
A great resource for finding information about staying safe during bad weather when you are outside. You never know when weather can change, and sometimes that change is so fast that you can't get inside fast enough, so knowing what to do to keep you and your family safe is important.  (Thanks go to Emily for this one.)

Ultimate Guide to Disaster Preparedness
Any disaster, especially those related to weather, are easier to manage when you are prepared. What a lot of people miss is that it is not terribly difficult to be prepared, and it does not have to break the bank. This site has many helpful tips to get and stay ready, and still stay within a reasonable budget.   (Thanks go to Emily for this one.)

Disaster Preparedness and Awareness
This page, from HomeAdvisor, is filled with great advice to get you started on the path to being prepared for a variety of potential disasters, from Hurricanes, to Tornadoes, to Earthquakes, and more.

Natural Disasters
Here is a great resource for descriptions of the dangers presented by natural disasters. Tornadoes are mentioned, of course, as are hurricanes, lightening, earthquakes, tsunamis, and more!  Plus, that section of the National Geographic site in general is a great place to start exporing.  (Thanks go to Ms Cole's Class for this one.)

National Weather Service
This is where everyone else gets their weather from... why not get it from the source?

Western Regional office
This is the National Weather Service's Western Regional Office home page.

This site is an excellent resource for Climate information for just about any place on Earth!

Weather Underground
This is my favorite weather site... hands down.  VERY detailed reports and predictions, great picture database, and only $5 to join for a year of no ads!

The Weather Channel
This should be a no brainer as far as a weather site goes...  Good site, with smaller versions of the graphics you see on TV.

Accuweather's bread and butter are news papers, news channels, and websites that utilizes its graphics and tools... They have some good information, but you have to wait for it sometimes.

The Weather Stuff Pages...

Remnants of Nuri break a record for the Northern Pacific region (wx stuff)
So it seems that "Extra-Tropical" storm Nuri has succeeded in becoming the most powerful storm in the Northern Pacific.

Big Storm? (wx stuff)
Now this is a BIG storm! It seems that a 60-year-old record is potentially going to get broken. It could get strong enough to have a central pressure below 930. Hurricane Sandy, that devastated th...

Not what they want us to hear (wx stuff)
It seems we have about 423 months of Satellite data, starting in January of 1979. It also seems that for the last 212 of those months - 17 years and 9 months, there has been no warming at all. Yep ...

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